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Founding Members

JP Morris

An Online Marketer, and Networking Professional, from Holland The Nederlands
John Lederer

Online since 2000 and a marketer since 1995. Let's work together for mutual success!
Monte Lorenzo

I Evaluate and Promote Internet Marketing Resources, ad sites, Softwares and Apps, Traffic generating systems and more, since 2008. Also Recently started promoting wholesale General merchandise, all on my own domain
Dirk Herfurth

Personal Blog
Dirk from Germany,
Marketing since 1992,
Webhosting pioneer,
Unicorn Network Founding Member,
Co-Founder Rainbow Currency,
Onpassive Founder
Rock´n Roll Drummer
jeffrey siewert

Hi i'm jeff from las vegas and i have been an internet marketer for over six years. I work full time in the casino industry for twenty years and counting. My hobbies are raising my lovebirds and making money on the internet.
Hernan Gutierrez

Personal Blog
I am a Crypto fan and an avid internet business opportunities and tools seeker.

I am also open to new ideas and concepts within this online world.

Fully bilingual: Spanish and English. I think this is a big plus in this globalized internet environmet.

Saludos a todos.
Ernie Geeting

Hi There. My name is Ernie and I live in the beautiful Great Lakes state of Michigan, USA. I am the administrator of and am an affiliate marketer for traffic sales and online business builder programs. I am a married man and "owned" by 2 little sweet pug dogs and like all kinds of music, old movies and quiet evenings at home.
Tommie Kirkland


Hi Fellow Marketer,

Tommie Kirkland (Captkirk) here.

Need website traffic? Build a MASSIVE stream of REPEATING VISITORS to whatever you want to promote: Your website, a blog, affiliate programs, MLMs, biz-ops or ANYTHING else! 100% FREE - Extremely VIRAL and very FAST!

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Until Next Time Stay Upbeat and Positive!

Tommie Kirkland (Captkirk)

P.S. Lets Have Some Fun On Our Journey To Success!
Dave Beaman

Personal Blog
I own a couple of membership sites that provide a variety of advertising services to my members with the best customer service of which I am capable. I also do affiliate marketing of advertising and traffic producing resources from which I earn commissions. However, I only promote what I use myself because I know from personal experience that those resources are effective and I can offer them in good conscience.

I have been marketing online since 1996, even while engaging in offline careers. I made mistakes, but I learned from them and came to know how to market profitably, which means that I know how to advertise to get enough traffic to make sales and earn commissions. And I understand that success in online marketing requires learning, perseverance, investment of both time and money - less money than an offline business, but just as much time if not more. It also involves establishing good relationships with both actual and potential customers.

But for me, it's worth it because I enjoy the work and I like the freedom of being my own boss, working from home and setting my own work schedule. And now that I am in my senior years, I am financially secure. I can stop working whenever I want, but I continue on because, as I said, I enjoy it. And when the time comes that I am no longer able to work, I can stop without any financial insecurity, and also having the satisfaction of knowing that I was honorable in serving my members and my customers.
Darian Carstens

I’m Darian Carstens from Johannesburg South Africa. Internet Marketer and Dad of 2 whom I love dearly. My main Goal is to inform and guide entrepeneurs on how to create a Passive Income from a few hand picked Legit, Tried and Tested Investment Companies.
Peter Turner

Personal Blog
married father of 4 from Lancashire in England, internet marketer
Fred Thorndyke

Personal Blog
Hello Fellow Members,

I am a retired tradesman and business owner now transitioning to building an online business.

My new income gives me the freedom to travel and live a comfortable life in my second act. I am working when I want from anywhere at any time around the globe.

Join my team of International entrepreneurs and me on this journey to financial freedom.

Personal Blog
Hey There

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to Make Money Online!

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Current Business?

I have Got This...
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Best Regards
Eyad Salem

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